BEGGING FOR MORE - Cuckold Boyfriend Records His Girl Getting DESTROYED Before His Eyes


Jadilica, Martin Spell


Jadilica and Martin Spell are in a dark room, ready to fuck on the bed. First, Marting fucks Jadilica from behind, pushing her head into the mattress, and choking her. Then, he turns her over and smashes her pussy while continuing to choke her. He lets her ride his cock for a bit, before bending her over again and fucking her from behind. After that, Martin decides to take a bit of a break, so he makes Jadilica suck his cock. Once he's done resting, he pushes her bends her over once again, pushing her face into the mattress, and dicking her deep down in her cunt. They change positions a few more times: standing up and from behind, squatting on the dick, fucking sideways, Martin even fucks her mouth for a bit. To finish things off, Martin strokes Jadilica's pussy and makes her cum, before coming all over her stomach and face himself.


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