Gorgeous 18 Yo Teen ASHBY WINTER First Ever Rough Sex World Premiere


Ashby Winter, MrBigFatDick


MrBigFatDick was feeling a little under the weather, so he ordered himself a little hooker to cheer him up. She rings the bell, and he gives her the money before she's even through the door. Ashby Winter is a sweet 18 year old girl with a very dirty mind. The little blonde mynx is wearing a white summer dress and red high heels. Today is her first ever rough sex encounter on camera and she's very excited! They start making out in the hallway and then move up the stairs. They take a few steps and he presses her to the wall and starts moving his hands up her dress. He's touching her clit and Ashby is already mesmerized by him. MrBigFatDick really wants to make her comfortable so he turns her around and eats her ass as well. Her moans are so sexy. He leads her to his bedroom and she treats him with a little striptease. She comes closer and unzips his pants. She holds that cock in her fragile hands like it's a lifeline. She puts it in her mouth and starts gobbling. He grabs her hair and thrusts his dick deeper into her throat. She stands up and gets ready for doggy style. He inserts his fat cock into her little pearl. Ashby moans loudly as he fucks her from behind. Then, MrBigFatDick takes her into his arms and sits on the couch. She is so lightweight, he enjoyed bouncing her on his dick! And Ashby enjoyed his intense stares and the occasional slapping. He wants to try to fit his entire cock into her now, all the way up to his shaft. He puts her down on the couch, presses her legs up and spreads them wide. He shoved his dick in as deep as it could go and Ashby screamed in pleasure as he started thrusting in faster and faster. Next, he scooped her up from the couch and fucked her standing up! After that, they moved to the kitchen island where he laid her on her back. Her pussy was getting sore at this point, so he played with her clit for a bit before entering her sweet flower again. MrBigFatDick puts one leg up on the island and surprises her by thrusting so deep inside, she thought she'd faint from the pressure. He stands on his knees, presses his body against her and starts kissing her to prepare her for what's coming next. He puts his feet on the counter and starts fucking her in a squat position. He's going hard now. Ashby's screams are getting louder and louder, her eyes start tearing up and she digs her nails in his skin. They finally move to his bed and continue fucking until the soreness becomes to hard to bear for both of them. Ashby is a good little teen slut, so she gets down on her knees and swallows his full load without complaints. They both go under the shower together to wash up, but Ashby still thinks she can take some more. MrBigFatDick feels tired but she is practically begging for it! He makes her eyeballs turn white again and she leaves looking forward to their next round of rough sex.


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