The HARDEST Fuck She Has Ever Experienced - MILKA WAY


Arty Cheys, Milka Way


Milka Way and Arty Cheys are all alone in a dark room. Milka's cute little mouth is around Arty's big cock. The little brunette is sucking him off hard while looking at the camera. Arty has never enjoyed a blowjob this much. She sucks that cock so good, she is risking making this a short film! However, once Arty has enough of Milka's throat, he throws her on her back and starts fucking her hard. Because she knew Arty to always be only loving and kind, she could not have expected this to turn into such rough sex. She starts to moan and scream, full of ecstasy. All the while, she is not taking her beautiful brown doe eyes away from the camera. Not even for a second. She certainly knows what she's doing. After that, Arty turns Milka over and starts fucking her from behind, tearing her pussy apart. Her screams are getting louder and louder and she finally turns her gaze on him. She is all in now and focusing only on the pressure of his fat cock! They change things up a bit, Milka rides Arty on top, before going back to being fucked from behind. To finish her off, Arty fucks Milka sideways and then cums on her pretty face.


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